Autism Family Services

The Atrium at 127 South 5th St. 

Quakertown, PA 18951
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​Notice of cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments or the session will be billed at half fee.

Cancellation Policy

Is taking your child out into the community a source of stress?

Are you faced with the insistent demands resulting from a child who needs specialized care, treatment, and intervention? 

Not satisfied with your child’s current treatments or interventions?


  • High levels of anxiety
  • Temper tantrums/meltdowns
  • Rigid behaviors
  • Making friends and interacting with others
  • Negative reactions to even the smallest changes
  • Impulsivity
  • Noncompliance
  • Social language

Just as there are many shades of color on the wheel, each child and family deserve an approach designed to their specific and unique needs.  One size does not fit all. With over 30+ years of experience, I specialize in providing creative interventions that will result in desired changes for those navigating the autism roadmap throughout the lifecycle.

Whether it is creating a sense of belonging for your child, helping him/her develop to their fullest potential or restoring peace to your home, together we will find understanding, solutions, and hope because every parent deserves to feel competent, capable, and strong. 

I can help:

  • ​Come to an accurate understanding of your child.
  • Teach you and your child the tools and skills to successfully deal with many of the  challenges​
  • Understand and guide behaviors
  • ​Teach you to deal with the road bumps that arise daily
  • ​Build a satisfying parent-child relationship
  • Provide an integrated approach that will work with your child & family to maximize outcomes
  • Point you in the right direction for additional & trusted resources 


Individual and Family Services


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The Atrium at 127 South 5th St. Suite 100 |  Quakertown, PA 18951

Autism Family Services

Cash or check due at the time of appointment

  • In office session fee of $60 per hour
  • Home visits $75.00 per hour + mileage at the current IRS business rate of 57.5 per mile from the office

An additional fee of $10 will be charged for delayed payments



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